Points To Be Taken Care While Purchasing A Property

We all have dreamt of owning of our own house or flat. It hardly matters whether the house is big or it just a 1BHK flat, after all a dream is a dream and a house is a house. However, there must be a several questions shooting in your mind regarding the authenticity of the property which you are willing to buy. There must a tsunami of thoughts about the frauds and scams that are being conducted in terms of trading in property. Please do not panic, today in this article we can assured you that the investment done by your hard earned money is being invested on right direction and is in authentic place.

Go Through Agreement Properly
Before going to sign an agreement with the previous owner, take your time in reading the agreement. Make sure that every point in the clause has been clearly explained to you. If there is any 1% of doubt, make sure that you ask the owner/developer to justify it. Once you have gone through the agreement ask for the photocopy of the agreement. The reason behind this is that in case of any changes done on the main agreement clause can be cross checked with your copy.

Certified Approved
Whenever you plan to buy a property, make sure that the piece of property is been accurately certified and approved by the authorities in your town or city. We daily read scams that are being done on bogus property and illegal construction. Well, it’s our hard earned money and we would not at all like it to go wasted, you should think twice while purchasing the property.

Genuine Ownership
In case of investing in any kind of property, it is highly suggested that to do some homework and check whether the property actually belongs the owner or not which you are planning to buy. The reason behind this is very simple; we don’t want any kind of dispute while buying our dream house.

Extra Charges
Once all your homework regarding the authenticity of the property is done, make sure that the additional charges which is applied to you during the collection of the possession is genuine or not. If there is any kind of charges which is not mentioned, make sure you get them in written with the owner or builder. This is really important for you to keep track of the deductions you might face in the future.