Is Your Flat or Apartment Earthquake Proof?

The horrifying earthquake in Nepal has again kindled the debate about earthquake safety majors in buildings particularly in India, and how they can be made secure. Today in our article we will lists some top earthquake-proofing technologies that have to be taken care while constructing any new building.

Base Isolation System
Buildings across the universe that serves some critical services such as hospitals, shopping malls, telecommunication links and many others, which are usually lesser in height, should utilise base isolation systems for the safety of the building.

Dampers acts as a large shock absorber basically used in cars, helping in vanishing natural energy generated at the time of earthquake thereby keeping the larger structure secure. Highly-elevated buildings use different types of dampers. Dampers can also be utilized in order to recycle older buildings that might not have been designed according to earthquake resistant structures. Now we briefly define how it works:

  • The house is floated off the ground when an earthquake hits. The house stands on a flatten air bag during standard times. When the earth shakes, a compressor drives air into the bag which lifts the house a few centimetres above the ground, so that the actual impact is not felt on the structure.

  • The building, its residents, utilities and its divisions might get shaken by an earthquake but there is no major damage to any of them. Directly, we can say that the functioning of the building is not disrupted.

  • The contents and divisions of the building are shaken and might face some minor damage, but it does not restrict the building from being utilized right after the incidence of earthquake.

  • The building, its residents and divisions are severely shaken. This can create notable damage, but the structure does not reach a state of forthcoming collapse. The building will not be accessible until a structural safety assessment is done properly.

  • The building and all its facilities, divisions and residents are severely shaken and a good damage is likely to occur to each one of them. This building will not be accessible by its residents after the earthquake and will be in a state of forthcoming collapse.