How To Measure Quality Construction?

The quality of construction is something which is expected by everyone because developers and builders deal with several projects at a same time. Some flats or houses seem to build with supreme quality materials, but when you go in actuality, you will come to know a lot of maintenance and repair costs are still pending at later stages. The quality of construction also decides the resale value of your property. As buying a house is one of the biggest dreams for anyone and you save almost every penny for it, so the construction quality should be superior. Though, a lot of new technologies have come up into the market ensuring the safety and quality of the property, but it is always advisable to have a closer look at the property. Checking the quality of construction is not an easy task especially when you have faced this situation initially. Below are some tips on it:

Soil Test
The soil on which the building is built plays a crucial role in determining the quality of construction. The composition of soil differs from one place to another. If we talk about clay soil, it shrinks depending on moisture. A soil test is done prior to the construction by all the builders. Always ask for the soil test results.

Structural Design Of Property
It is very difficult to have idea that – will the property last for a long time or not. When you are constructing a new house or flat, it is always advisable to ask for the photocopy of structural design made by the architect and get it reviewed by the other experts.

Ratio Of Concrete Mixture
The thickness of concrete mixture depends upon the load that the structure bares. Sometimes, builders don’t properly monitor the concrete mixture so it is good to ask the builder for certification of concrete mix issued by the testing laboratory.

Quality Fixtures
Builders always promise to provide the quality fixtures, but it is not the truth. Common fixtures such as bathroom fittings, electrical wires, etc. should be of good quality otherwise they might problematic later. Always check that the fixtures should be ISO marked or not.