Factors That Effects Value Of Residential Property

Believe it or not, people have the belief that the value of a residential property rises after a certain period of time. Without a single percent of doubt, this is an actually right point of view and in fact, has been supported by years from real estate sector data that confirms the increasing of prices with the progress of time. Today in this article we will focus on the 4 major factors that have an effect on valuation of Residential Property as the time progress.

Size of House
Remaining things being constant, a residential property which is smaller in size will repay a higher Return on Investment (ROI) as compared to the larger size property. To make it more detailed, let’s imagine that the small as well as large sized homes are constructed in the same area on equally sized land. Now let’s think that the smaller size house is just half the size of the larger one, and for that reason is valued half of the price. While the value of the land covered both the properties values, the value of both the homes will increase too.

Location Of House
There is no shock in fact; the location of a property has a lot to implement with its value. This is correct not only in context of houses situated in specific cities, but also about their locations within their corresponding areas. For example, houses situated in the outskirts are likely to have lower valuation as compared to the ones located in the heart of city. Moreover, the houses located near schools or any other basic amenities will also have superior valuation as per the location.

Growth and Development
The existing as well as the projected developments near a particular house has a huge effect on its value. For example, if restaurants, metro stations, hospitals, theaters, malls and likewise structures are anticipated to be developed around the community, the properties for sale in that specific area are likely to draw high offers from the potential buyers.

Aesthetics Of The House       
Though aesthetics precisely don’t have much to do with the boost in the value of a house, yet to some size they add to the number of prospective buyers. The insertion of new hardwood countertops and floors, renovation of the roof, etc. increase the value of a house.