According to the RERA, carpet area is specified as ‘the net useful floor area of an apartment or condo, excluding the area covered by the external walls, areas under maintained shafts, exclusive balcony or verandah area and exclusive open terrace area, but includes the area covered simply by the interior partition walls of the apartment’.


In specific cases, corner apartments, or some other apartments placed at certain beneficial or disadvantageous positions, generally used to get a little bit even more or less carpet area. Although the apartments at beneficial positions that had greater carpet area were always priced at a premium, the ones which lost some carpeted area were actually never sold at a discount, as the ‘missing out on’ carpet area was usually baffled in the super built-up area.

Excellent design and efficiency will now become crucial. Already, an inefficient design, which in turn used too much of common area space, would certainly fare the exact same as a good design, as both of these could have the very same super built-up area, but various carpet areas.

Carpet area, or the net usable area, is the space from where one can easily spread out a carpet. The built-up area such as the carpet area, and also the extra areas approved via the authorities, this kind of as the area of the outer and inner wall surfaces, dry balcony area, etc. Super built-up area includes the carpet area, the built-up area, as well as a share of the balance area, this type of as the staircases, corridors, and galleries, which in turn can be used by the complete building.

The previously practice of consisting of the outdoor patio, balcony, verandas, flower beds and void spaces inside the meaning of carpet area, by unscrupulous property developers, will certainly now come to an end.

A simpler explanation will certainly be Everything within the exterior walls of an apartment, and even excluding the balconies, verandah or open terrace and shafts, Digbijoy Bhowmik, head of regulation, RICS, South Asia. “Now the balcony’s area will definitely not actually be actually included, even if it is a special balcony for the flat. The area of the lift lobby, stairs lobby and any space that you can be in right before you enter the house through the main door, can not be included. Also, the common/exclusive shaft such is used to vent the air from kitchen/lavatory, is omitted. However, a walk-in wardrobe will be included,” he discusses.